Singapore Work Visa

Non-residents & Foreigners aspiring to work in Singapore require a work visa before they can legally begin employment. Companies that hire non-residents without a valid visa will be prosecuted under the EFMA (Employment of Foreign Manpower Act).

We can advise you the right visa to apply and provides a full spectrum of work visa processing services. This includes reviewing your candidacy, acting as a liaison with MOM, applying for your work pass, processing renewals, appealing and tracking your application.


You may apply for a Singapore Pass if:

  • You are an entrepreneur, executive or managing director of a Singapore company and wish to relocate to manage your company operations;
  • You are a locally-incorporated Singapore company and need to hire an employee from overseas;
  • You have an employment offer from a Singapore employer. In this case, your employer will make the EP application on your behalf.


Categories of Passes

The table below shows the 4 Pass categories and eligibility requirements.

Pass Type Eligibility Requirements Applicable for
  • Last drawn Overseas Fixed monthly salary: at least S$18,000, 6 months prior to application
  • Fixed monthly salary here min $12,000
  • Possess acceptable qualifications
Job seekers –PEP holders have a period of six months without a job to evaluate opportunities in Singapore.
  • Ready to incorporate and start a new business in Singapore, with paid up capital min $50,000
  • Min 30% shareholder
  • One of the below requirements :
  • I) Received funding from Singapore accredited Venture Capitalist for $100,000
  • II) Has intellectual property that is registered with an approved IP office in Singapore or overseas
  • III) Ongoing research collaboration with approved Institutes of higher learning or research
 Employment Pass
  • Fixed monthly salary: at least S$3,300
  • Possess recognized qualifications / specialized skills; or working experience in the areas.
All levels of managers who should be graduates from acceptable institutions
S pass
  • Fixed monthly salary: at least S$2,200
  • A degree, diploma or technical certificate
  • Medical insurance $15,000
Mid-level Managers or Specialist or Qualified Technicians
  • Main pass holder must earn min $4,000 monthly
  • Legally married spouse
  • Unmarried children below 21
Dependents of above types of pass holders